About Camille


As the daughter of a 1940s Vogue model, Camille Wood is no stranger to fashion. Although her 5-foot 2-inch frame was too short to follow her mother’s footsteps down the runway, she instead took a circuitous route to center stage, including stints as a portrait artist with her own gallery, appearing in radio for a number of years during morning drive time (playing a dumb blonde—a testament to her acting talents), and then to the unlikely position as manager of a 300 acre ranch.

It was while working on the ranch Wood fell in love with baseball caps, so much so that she wanted to wear them out on the town, but was frustrated by the lack of fashionable, chic caps available. So she did what any enterprising woman would do. She began creating her own, and before long she was making them for friends and other admirers. In addition to caps, Wood started creating hats and headpieces and eventually began designing full time.

Hats lead to swimsuits. When she was contacted by a producer putting a swimsuit show together who asked about showing her headpieces along with the swimwear, Wood suggested the producer include some of her swimsuits as well.

“I had never designed a swimsuit before in my life,” Camille says. “When he said yes, I got busy.”

 The swimsuits were a hit, which lead to shows featuring Camille-designed mermaid costumes to showcase her headpieces, a Harajuku Japanese street fashion show in LA, and several more swimsuit shows.

It wasn’t long before she was encouraged (some might say pressured) to begin designing dresses, and as had become typical with newly-introduced Wood designs, the dresses were a success.  Most recently, The Beverly Collection, sequined haute couture dresses debuted during LA Fashion Week in honor of her mother, Beverly, a Vogue model and actress in the 1940’s followed by Frozen, an edgy combination of fur & metallic spandex that received amazing reviews.

What’s next on the horizon for Camille?

Saving you from the ordinary is the theme behind all of Camille’s designs.  She enjoys creating unique fashion and accessories for women who love to be noticed, so it’s safe to say that her 2017 spring/summer collection will be nothing less than extra-ordinary.