April 20, 2017

You're dying to buy a new pair of sunglasses, so to save time you decide to shop on line.  Great idea!  Only one problem.  Without trying the sunglasses on, you take the risk of buying a style that just doesn't look good on your face.

Allow Sophie to demonstrate:


Cat Eyes.  Considering the name, Sophie really wanted this pair, but as you can see, they are way too big  for her tiny face.

Rectangle.  The shape is better, but still way too large.

Aviator.  Ah - yes!  Persistence pays off and Sophie finally found the right shape & size to enhance her delicate features.

Great news!!  Now, just like Sophie, you can 'try before you buy' with my new website 'try on' app.  Magic Mirror is so awesome!  It gives you the opportunity to try on all of my sunglasses & even my dresses to see which shape & style looks best on you; that way there are no surprises when you buy!

Visit:  camillewood.com and have fun!



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