Interview with fashion designer, Camille Wood, Gorozhanka Magazine
February 13, 2019

Camille Wood, a talented designer and a beautiful woman lives in Carlsbad, CA. She was born in an artistic family and the daughter of a famous Vogue model of the 1940’s. Camille is very gifted.

- Camille, can you tell us a little bit about yourself.

- I have been blessed to have experienced so many interesting vocations in my life to include working as an actress, on-air radio personality (I was Suzy Snicklefritz, the dumb blonde), portrait artist with my own art gallery in Scottsdale, AZ and manager of a 300-acre ranch.

I’ve never been super involved in politics; however, I did have the amazing opportunity to work for (and meet) President and Nancy Reagan. I also had the exhilarating experience of driving the press in a Bush motorcade in San Diego. Driving 80 mph down the freeway trying to keep up with the lead car while managing cameras and crew was a white-knuckle experience, but always a fun memory.

In 1993 I moved from Scottsdale to San Diego and several years later ended up managing a 300-acre ranch.

One thing that stands out while managing the ranch was the time the owner asked me to buy some cows. I thought, cows? Where in the world am I going to find cows? Cow shopping was not in my wheel house and all I could think to do was Google for nearby cow stores. Obviously, nothing came up, but after much searching, I did find a few token cows along with a pot-bellied pig and Billy goat.

- I understand you began your fashion career designing hats while working at the ranch?

- Yes, that’s correct. I decided the best option for my hair after working on the ranch all day was to cover it up with a baseball cap. Unable to find caps that excited me I began bringing up my own. I had never planned on becoming a fashion designer, but once I started designing hats, I enjoyed it so much that I moved on to designing dresses and gowns.

The main thing I strive to accomplish when designing women’s fashion is to create clothing and accessories that make a woman feel beautiful and self-confident. I focus on creating designs that accentuate the positive aspects of a woman’s figure and disguise the areas of a woman’s body such as the upper arms and neck that don’t always withstand the test of time. I was inspired to create many of the gowns you see here in my studio from the Hollywood movie stars of the 1920’s, 30’s & 40’s: Mae West, Greta Garbo, Judy Garland, Vivienne Leigh. The gowns were included in a runway show that I presented in Los Angeles called, Hollywood Legends.


- Did you want to copy the gowns exactly or just capture the essence of the gown?

- I wanted the dresses to be realistic, however, I always incorporate my imagination into the design. In this show I emulated what the actresses wore in their respective films.

The show was centered around the movie, The Wizard of Oz complete with Dorothy, the Tinman & the cowardly Lion on the runway.

- Did you show pictures of the actual actress wearing the dress? You could show photos of them on the screen and then have the similar outfit on your model.

- That is a great idea and (smiling) I am going to steal that idea, thanks!

- You have a colorful summertime collection that’s perfect for San Diego and the girls will be doing a photoshoot in these dresses along with amazing floral headpieces to match!

- That’s correct. The girls will be wearing my ‘Audrey’ & ‘Flirt’ designs for the photoshoot. My ‘Audrey’ dress was named after the actress, Audrey Hepburn because she often wore high-necked designs. The dresses are very fitted with high necks and mermaid bottoms in different colors and patterns. My ‘Flirt’ dress is a strapless number with full skirt aptly named because it makes you feel fun and flirty. This dress comes in bright, summer colors and will be worn with matching floral headpieces. The girls will also be wearing my unique swimwear designs with my Tribal headpieces. It’s going to be a fantastic shoot!




- Tell us about your ‘It’ dress that the girls will be wearing during our Foodie & Fashion event.

- The lines of my ‘It’ dress are very sleek and simple. It’s made from stretch fabric and fits off the shoulder. The reason I call it the ‘It’ dress is because once you try it on you must have it. The dresses come in different patterns and colors: bright orange and yellow, lime green, teal, black and red. The girls will be modeling the ‘It’ dress during Foodie & Fashion along with my Swarovski crystal sunglasses.


- How did you end up designing these beautiful unique sunglasses?

- Many years ago, I asked my eye doctor why I always needed to wear sunglasses even if I was indoors. If you saw me in the grocery store, you would always see me with a pair of sunglasses on. He told me that my eyes have very little pigmentation which often happens to people with blue eyes, resulting in extreme sensitivity to light. As in the case with my baseball caps, I couldn’t find any sunglasses that were exciting and looked good on my face, so I began blinging up my own sunglasses. I love anything that sparkles. If you put bling on a rock, I would buy it. So, all my sunglasses are designed with Swarovski crystals and my collection includes different shapes, sizes, frames, and colors. Every woman’s face is different, and so I offer a variety of styles to suit each woman’s taste and style. I’ve recently added sunglass bifocals to my collection, which are perfect for those sunny days when you’re dining outside and want to read the menu without having to take out your reading glasses.


- Your sunglasses will be very appealing for the Russian community. How much do they cost?  

- My sunglasses range anywhere from $35 to $85-ish, which is very reasonable considering they are created with Swarovski, the best crystals on the market. Each pair comes with a hard case and a designer wipe.

- Yes, that is very reasonable, absolutely. These glasses embellished with Swarovski crystals will be presented as a gift to each of the contestants of Miss Russian San Diego, 2019 as a gift from designer Camille Wood!

 We’re excited to learn that the girls will be wearing designs at the pageant from your ‘Tat Bratz’ collection. Tell us about that.

- I am so excited about ‘Tat Bratz’. It’s a fun, colorful, casual collection with a tattoo-twist. I really like tattoos, however, I am scared to death of needles, so I thought, why not wear the tattoos instead? The collection consists of leggings, crop tops, dresses and swimwear and I’m in the process of creating special designs just for the pageant.


- Very nice! I saw in your advertisement you are doing covers for the cell phones as well.

- My goal is to have all my unique designs available on smart phones. Then one could have a set of everything matching.

- Do you have a jewelry line too, because this is so beautiful, I would not be surprised

- No jewelry yet, but I am working on new headpieces for the pageant and of course, for Opening Day at the Del Mar Races this summer.

- What do you think is important for a woman to be beautiful?

- Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Every woman has special, beautiful features, and when I see a woman smiling from ear to ear in one of my creations that just overjoys me.

Helping a woman feel beautiful and proud of her appearance is what my goal is and a dress or an outfit can help do that for a woman. I am currently designing a product that has never been done before, which will temporarily remove a woman’s cleavage wrinkles. They say necessity is the mother of invention, and when I noticed I was getting wrinkles on my chest area, I decided there must be a way to conceal those wrinkles. After much thought and experimenting, I created something magical that smooths out a woman’s decolletage area making her happy to wear those low-cut designs. I am working on getting a patent now and am very excited about making this available soon.

- So, what do you wish for women who will see your display in our Gorozhanka Magazine? What do you wish for our readers?

- Fashion is a form of self-expression. A woman’s inner beauty and inner self is expressed on the outside by the way she dresses. I want to encourage women not to be afraid to be different; to march to the beat of their own drummer. I create fashion for the woman who ‘loves to be noticed’ and whenever I’m told what the current trends in fashion are, I respond by saying that I don’t follow trends, I set them. So, don’t be into trends and don’t try and follow the crowd.

As designer Coco Chanel once said: “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”

If you see something you love – buy it – wear it! Let your inner beauty shine!


Camille Wood
Fashion/Costume Designer at Camille

Address  Carlsbad, CA 

Mobile  760-271-7470 









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