Goodbye Mask!


My makeup is smeared

My lipstick is gone

I can't take a breath

I'll pass out before long.


My temperature's rising

My hair's a disgrace

I have a huge itch

But I can't scratch my face!


What's that you say?

You can't hear when I speak?

This stupid darn mask

I feel like a freak


Dress to impress?

Now let's be frank

I look like someone

Who just robbed a bank


Gone are the smiles

On everyone's face

All I see now

Are frowns in their place


Surely there's something

More we can do

To make us feel better

And look pretty too


And then it hit me

Like a thief in the night

A face shield's the answer

To make it alright

Now I can breathe

My makeup intact

I actually look nice

And that is a fact


Crystals & rhinestones

Brighten my face

This new shield

Is my saving grace


Look at me smile

Hear my words when I speak

No more tight masks

That muffle my speech

Is the place to go

You will feel better

Way more than you know


Your new face shield

Now trust me on this

Will make going out again

Feel like such bliss


So goodbye to my mask

I won't miss it at all

I'll wear my new shield

And look like a doll

 *Note:  My designer face shields are available on Etsy:

  • Camille Wood